Maintien température HCMIS

Maintien température HCMIS

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The Heating and Cooling Microincubation Stage (HCMIS) from ALA is a microscope-mountable temperature control device for electrophysiology and imaging preparations. The HCMIS not only heats or cools the base of the chamber or petri dish, but can alter the CO2 / O2 mixture around preparations to control the pH level. Options for the HCMIS include magnetic mounting plate (HCMIS-MAGP).

Shown: HCMIS with optional HCMIS-MAGP.

Key features of the HCMIS include:

  • Accommodation of any MS Chamber or a 35mm Petri dish
  • Base compatibility with most microscope stages and platforms – no adapter plates needed
  • In-line temperature control of perfusate
  • Minimal mechanical noise due to low profile and built-in water cooling ports
  • Easy pipette access from any side
  • Anodized aluminum construction for stability in imaging and patch clamping
  • Fast temperature feedback from built-in thermistor
  • Gas ports for oxygenation and/or pH control of preparation
  • Compatible with ALA HCT-10 and npi PTC/TC temperature controllers.

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