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The MT-1078/MT-2078/MT-2278 systems consist of a X-Y translator and a large fixed stage. The MT-78-FS is designed for users who prefer a large platform stage for their experiments. The stage provides solid, stable support and ample space to attach manipulators and other instruments as needed. The rigid aluminum top plate sits firmly on two MT-75 gantry style stands. These stands provide height adjustment and sturdy attachment to the user’s vibration tables.

At the core of the MT-1078 is a manual X-Y translation table, the MT-500. The translator is designed to allow movement of a microscope’s optics with respect to the fixed stage. The translator allows visualization and/or imaging of multiple tissue locations while maintaining multiple stable recordings from the preparation.

The MT-2078/MT-2278 systems use a motorized translator. At the core of the MT-2000/MT-2200 system is the MT-800 stepper-motor driven X-Y translation table. The motors can be operated either by the popular MP-285 manipulator controller (MT-2078) or the dual manipulator controller MPC-200 (MT-2278). A rotary optical encoder (ROE) accepts user input to the motorized translator and can be placed in any convenient location in your setup. Either controller gives the user smooth, high resolution control of motion. The MP-285 controller offers extensive on-board robotic functionality and a serial computer interface for PC control.

The MPC-200 controller offers a USB computer interface for PC control. Systems using the MP-285 controller are called MT-2078 while systems using the MPC-200-ROE controller are designated MT-2278. In the center of the MT-78-FS top plate is a 4 x 6 inch milled pocket that will accommodate a variety of aluminum or stainless steel (ferromagnetic) stage inserts, designed to secure various commercial tissue chambers, Petri dishes or slide holders. Custom can also be provided. The ferromagnetic insert allows small magnetic devices such as perfusion lines, ground electrodes and small manipulators to be mounted near the dish.

The MT-500 manual translator and the MT-800 motorized translator are currently available for the Olympus BX-51WI, Nikon FN1, Zeiss Examiner, Zeiss Axioskop 2 FS and the Leica DM6000FS. Focus drives are available for the Olympus BX51WI. Other microscopes can be supported.


  • Motorized or manual X-Y translation
  • Stable support and solid design
  • Open design allows easy access to specimen and microscope
  • Highly stable for experiments intolerant of drift
  • Accomodates a variety of stage inserts
  • Compatible with Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, and Leica upright and inverted microscopes
  • Suitable for: Multi-site electrophysiology where there is a need for a single large stage

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