Sutter lambda 10-B

Sutter lambda 10-B

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The Lambda 10-B is a high performance, microprocessor-controlled filter wheel for imaging applications requiring a single filter wheel. The latest release in Sutter's optical filter changer product line, the Lambda 10-B, uses recent advances in motor technology to achieve switching times of 40 msec between adjacent filters. When used with our high-speed 4 position wheels, the Lambda 10-B achieves switching times of less than 31 msec. It features both USB and serial port interfaces as well as keypad control. The Lambda 10-B is a low-cost alternative to the Lambda 10-2 and ideal for imaging applications requiring a single filter wheel.

The Lambda 10-B can operate with switching times as brief as 4 msec with our standard 25 mm filter wheel as well as our 32 mm wheel. The user can select from seven speeds, allowing the speed to be adjusted in accordance with the load of the wheel. Except for the 4 position compact wheel, our filter wheels employ a direct drive system: a feature that prevents belt slippage or backlash. An optional shutter installation is also available.

Filter selection can be made directly from the keypad or from a computer via the serial or USB port. The Lambda 10-B controller determines the shortest route to the selected filter and an acceleration/deceleration algorithm minimizes vibrations during the movement of the wheel. The current filter position is displayed on the front panel. Internal sensors monitor the position of the filter wheel to insure that the correct filter is in place. The drive uses switching mode current regulation, which is more economical than the linear supply of the Lambda 10-2. Although this is not a problem with most imaging applications, the Lambda 10-2 may be more appropriate for systems where electrophysiology is performed.

Both serial and USB input ports are provided to allow complete and easy control from a remote computer. The serial port accepts RS232 level signals through a DB-9 connector. USB input is made through a standard connector and can be directly connected to a USB port. The Lambda 10-B's USB port interface supports multiple USB devices simultaneously, allowing a user to run in tandem as many units as USB ports. The universal power supply will automatically switch to accommodate local line voltage.

The basic system for the Lambda 10-B includes our popular 10 position 25 mm filter wheel. A significant advantage of the Lambda 10-B controller is that it can accommodate a variety of Sutter filter wheels to suit your particular requirements. The controller will automatically detect and determine the model of wheel installed and adjust for the number of positions and filter size.

Our 32 mm wheel was designed to remedy the problem of vignetting that may occur with a 25 mm filter format in certain microscope systems, and can achieve the same 40 ms switching times as our 25 mm wheel. For applications requiring a larger aperture opening, there is a 5 position 50mm filter wheel. If additional speed is required, we offer a high-speed, 4 position 25 mm wheel which is capable of achieving 31 ms switching times between adjacent filters. An optional liquid light guide is available for applications requiring absolute vibration isolation, and/or spatial uniformity independent of wavelength. The Lambda 10-B is also capable of controlling either the SmartShutter® or the Uniblitz® shutter.

The Sutter filter wheel systems have always been optimized for fast switching of a lightly loaded wheel. When many thick filters are installed, the added mass requires an increase in the time required to switch from one filter to another. Switching times improve significantly with filters made on a thin substrate that do not require a thick layer of additional glass to obtain the desired blocking. Semrock® has the required coating technology to offer filters with substrates down to 2 mm in thickness.

We have taken the additional step of designing a special threaded ring that Semrock can install in place of their typical plain filter cells. Filters mounted in these rings can be threaded directly into the body of our filter wheels when our standard filter cups have been removed. Semrock filters actually weigh less than the filter cup and retaining ring normally used to mount filters in the Sutter wheels. Thus, if you remove our filter cups and mount the new threaded filters directly in the wheel, even a fully loaded wheel will be able to run at speeds that previously could only be used with just 2 filters installed.

The STR Semrock filters are available in both 25 mm and 32 mm versions and should be purchased directly from Semrock. If you are installing these filters in a sutter wheel that has filter cups, you will need to remove the cup from the position you intend to use to mount the threaded filter. When installing the new threaded filters, you will want to use the new wrench designed for this purpose. Contact Sutter for details.


  • as fast as 40 msec between adjacent filters (10 position wheel)
  • as fast as 30 msec between adjacent filters (4 position wheel)
  • as fast as 28 msec with a fully loaded wheel using STR filters from Semrock®
  • Serial and USB interfaces
  • Can control a variety of 25 mm, 32 mm and 50 mm wheels
  • Controls one wheel and one optional shutter or two SmartShutter®
  • Can accomodate SmartShutter® and Uniblitz® shutter
  • Chopper drives
  • Universal power supply

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