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The MT-1000/MT-2000/MT-2200 systems consist of a microscope translator and three independent stands. Two MT-75 stands used for each manipulator and a similar stand, the MT-150 holds the tissue chamber. The classic design features freestanding columns that provide rock solid mounting for the tissue recording chamber and multiple micromanipulators. Many prefer this methodology as it maximizes working room for adjusting the microscope and changing pipettes. Furthermore, the independent stand design minimizes movement-related cross talk between manipulators.

The MT-1000 uses a manual translator. At the core of the MT-1000 translator systems is the MT-500 X-Y manual translation table. It is designed to allow movement of a microscope’s optics with respect to the fixed stage(s). This methodology was developed by electrophysiologists recording from tissue slice preparations. The translator allows visualization and/or imaging of multiple tissue locations while maintaining multiple stable recordings from the preparation. Such a system is also useful for experiments on cells in culture where one wishes to monitor several cells not in the same field of view, e.g., recording from pre and post synaptic neurons in culture and/or imaging one cell while recording from or stimulating another.

The MT-2000/MT-2200 systems use a motorized translator. At the core of the MT-2000/MT-2200 system is the MT-800 stepper-motor driven X-Y translation table. The motors can be operated either by the popular MP-285 manipulator controller (MT-2000) or the dual manipulator controller MPC-200 (MT-2200). A two-axis rotary optical encoder (ROE) accepts user input to the motorized translator and can be placed in any convenient location in your setup. Either controller gives the user smooth, high-resolution control of motion. The MP-285 controller offers extensive on-board robotic functionality and a serial computer interface for PC control. The MPC-200 controller offers a USB computer interface for PC control. Systems using the MP-285 controller are called MT-2000 while systems using the MPC-200 controller are designated MT-2200.

Our controller design has allowed Sutter to easily add a focus drive to the MT-2000/MT-2200. The Sutter focus drive employs a direct-coupled stepper motor for lock-step focus movement and adjustable end of travel sensors to limit the travel of the microscope objective to a safe range for the setup. In the focus drive version, MT-2000/FD and MT-2200/FD, the ROE input device has inputs for X, Y and Z focus.

MT-500 manual translators and MT-800 motorized translators are currently available for the Olympus BX-51WI, Nikon FN1, Zeiss Examiner, Zeiss Axioskop 2 FS and the Leica DM6000FS. Focus drives are available for the Olympus BX51WI. Other microscopes can be supported.


  • 22 mm travel in X & Y
  • 40 nm resolution displayed in submicrons (MP-285)
  • 62.5 nm resolution displayed in microns (MPC-200)
  • Highly stable for experiments intolerant of drift
  • Easy to read vacuum fluorescent display
  • Adjustable speed and resolution allows optimization for your experimental setup
  • Programmable robotics for complex motion sequences (MP-285)
  • Continuous display of axes positions
  • Convenient Home function allows microscope to be quickly repositioned

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