Chambre ovale CG 25 mm

Chambre ovale CG 25 mm

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The MS-518 Series are MS Chambers from ALA that secure tissue or cell preparations on 25mm round #1 or #2 cover glass. All MS Chambers are compatible with 35mm Petri dishes, theMicroscope Stage Mounting Plate (MS-Stage) and the Heating and Cooling Microincubation Stage (HCMIS).

Key features of the MS-518 Series include:

    • Oval interiors of 0.75″ / 19mm x 0.375″ / 9.5mm


    • Efficient solution exchange via laminar flow


  • Dual compressible o-rings that secure coverslips without adhesives

Options for the MS Chambers include:

    • Stainless steel bottom for temperature control or Delrin bottom for imaging only purposes


    • Low chamber walls or open sides for easy electrode access


  • Built-in perfusion ports

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