Fil acier PFA électrode

Fil acier PFA électrode

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Stainless Steel Wire features Type 316 composition, except for Double Spring strength which has an Elgiloy composition. All Stainless Steel Wire is stress annealed to optimize handling characteristics.

Annealed, Full, and Half are descriptive terms for the way the wire was cured in the drawing process. Each of these techniques will help yield different tensile strengths given in thousands of pounds per square inch (kPSI). The main points to think about are that the higher the kPSI the more brittle the wire is but the better it retains its shape. The high kPSI wire is good for making straight electrodes that need to penetrate through tissue. The low kPSI is a softer more flexible wire, it is less likely to break if you repetitively bend the wire. This low kPSI wire is good for making twisted pair electrodes.

100 feet (30 m) per spool.

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